jb14 Publish time 2017-09-29 15:40:07

ifive mini 4S keeps shutting down/crashing when idling

The software has a bug where the tablet shuts down when left unattended for a few minutes. The tablet then needs to be rebooted by holding down the power button for 5+ seconds to restart the tablet. It is further detailed here :
It seems that if the tablet is plugged in to a power source this doesn't happen. A very annoying bug that hopefully can be corrected with a new firmware update. My tablet has version 1.0.8B.

As an aside, it took a long time to upload the avatar to use the site as it kept crashing (why on earth is this a requirement before posting?! Maybe the only site in the world to require this!). This site has 4800+ members but very few are able to post it seems. Also your admin email is not a valid email address so new members who can't upload an avatar have no way to contact anybody!

roblade Publish time 2017-11-09 01:22:41

I have the same problem... always it's stuck when it starts to sleep.

I tried the stock firmware 1.1.1C and the 1.0W and it's the same. I'm now trying few Wifi settings and it seems that if i set the wifi when idle in NEVER i get less errors... but i still getting this.

Please it's a software/kernel problem I like the tablet and i dont want to return!

SN: CCM10BFI006042
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